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Moving companies play a huge role in lending a hand for an easy transfer of your things from one place to another. It might be due to house relocation or business establishment transfer. For dependable, trusted, and effective moving services, Andrew Local and Long Distance Moving got your back. 

We are a moving company located in New York who is passionate about providing relentless services to our clients. We cover a wide range of services from local, long-distance, and interstate. Our goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction in every moving process we engage in.

Everyone in our team is highly trained to become proficient in this industry. We ensure commitment and build connections with our customers. The longer we offer this service, the more we enhance our whole company to be consistently excellent. 

Trust is our top priority when handling the customer’s things and equipment. We make sure that our movers provide proper care of the things while transporting them. This is why if there is a client who wants to avail of our service, we always uphold our legacy and quality.

With our fast, efficient, and high-quality assistance, your move is at ease. You can rely on our professional movers to help and guide you with our offers. They are totally skilled and knowledgeable of the job.

We put the customer’s needs first before incorporating what they will be needing. Our experts will not only assist you but also oversee every method of the moving process. In this way, we can employ sophisticated and extensive service. 

Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving is built with individuals who are dedicated to serving the people. We assure you reasonable moving costs with top-notch services. We aim to achieve the best reputation from our clients.


No matter how far is the relocation we will handle your trusted belongings with safety and care.

Residential MOVING

We know how stressful moving your home can be. That’s why you should hire only tried and tested professionals

Office Relocation

We are known as the experts on office relocations. Our work is efficient and safe.

Packing Supplies
If you rather rest easy while seasoned professionals pack your belongings for you – give us a call.

Why Choose Us?

Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving schemed our services from the needs of our clients. Our offers come at an affordable cost while you avail top-tier moving assistance. Convenience is number one on our list when it comes to helping people move.

Moving is vital which requires secured and safe transportation. Careless transfers of things may result in damages and worst, full breakage. Consulting a moving company is one of the greatest options to choose to ensure proper loading and unloading of your belongings and equipment. We understand that if you only move on your own, you may encounter several difficulties.

Give us your trust and we’ll definitely provide you with fast, reliable, and professional service. Our expert movers are ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

What is the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance?

At Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving, you can avail the finest quality of moving services. These are complemented by cheap costing that will fit our customer’s budget. If you are looking for affordable moving assistance, don’t be hesitant to contact us and get our offers.

Renting vehicles or trucks are another way to achieve cheaper moving service. The drawback is if your packages with your stuff aren’t properly taken care of. This is why we founded our company to be recognized in terms of pricing. 

Prominent moving companies commonly charge people with high-costing especially the number of services they exhausted. With us, we create rapport with our clients and discuss properly their needs. In this process, we will know how to provide them convenient prices. 

Types of Moving Services

The three types of services that moving companies offer are local, long-distance, and interstate. Each of these services entails different distances depending on the relocation site of the client. There are some moving companies that offer complete services but also, some only offer one.

Local Moving 

This kind of service is the common type of move. The cost is also much cheaper compared to long-distance moving. Usually, moving companies charge the service to the hours consumed while moving, movers, the weight of the items, and the other extra services the customers needed. 

Long Distance Moving 

This type of moving service exceeds 50 miles from the root location. The distance is the complete opposite of Local Move which is lesser than the said distance. Another variety of long-distance move which involves within the state is called Intrastate Move. 

Before you select the moving company, know first the distance of your relocation place. There are some long-distance moving companies that don’t support interstate moving. 

Interstate Moving

Interstate Move involves moving outside the state boundaries. When hiring movers in this area, you should ensure that they are reliable and serve many people. The idea is to secure your things since the move covers far distances.

How Far is a Local Move?

Local Move in only within or less than 50 miles away in the specific state. If you plan to move out with the relocation place within the same state then you should avail of Local Move. There are also long-distance moves that provide more than 50 miles since not all places within the state have the same stretch as per local move.

Before availing of a moving company’s services, ensure what kind of moving you need. Each moving service is charged differently. To avoid overcharges, ask for a quotation from the moving company.

At the Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving, we offer affordable local moves to give benefit to our clients. Although the local move is considered as the lowest charge in the types of moving services, we impart outstanding and secured moving assistance to our clients. Your satisfaction and convenience are essential to us.

What is Considered Long Distance Moving?

At Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving, we cater to all your needs, including traveling for over 400 miles, or what we call, long distance moving. There are several factors to consider when we’re giving out estimated costs for this service. This includes the number of items you’re moving, the weight of the items, and the number of miles from and to your new destination.

With our expert movers, we can also give you an estimated cost for any additional charges for fuel and linehaul. You don’t have to worry about your belongings because our expert movers ensure a stress-free transition from one place to another.

Interstate Moving Company

Compared to other local businesses, Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving is a well-known interstate moving company. We adhere to the latest FMCSA regulations and are aware of all the ordinances of every state. Whether you’re locally moving or changing states, rest assured that all your goods and belongings are transported legally and safely.

By availing of our interstate moving services, you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary violations and fees because we are accredited for having the right financial responsibility requirements for carrying and transporting goods. Our company has up-to-date licenses and insurances and has approved by the United States Department of Transportation U.S. DOT. the number for interstate traveling.

Transporting all your belongings in a safe and secure manner and your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

Tips for Interstate Moving

When moving out to a different state, it’s important to ensure that all your belongings are safely transported to your new location. With Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving, we can help you pack your goods in a safe and secure manner. By allowing us to help you with the packing, we ensure full accountability and insurance cover for all the goods. Additionally, our expert movers are professional when packing items to ensure that all items arrive in the same condition as they were before moving out.

Before doing an interstate move make sure to pack your things early to ensure that you won’t stress out during the moving day. On the packing process, ensure that you have all the supplies that you need which include stickers, boxes, scissors, packing tape, and markers.

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with the packing and heavy weight lifting because we are here to help you in any way we can before, during, and after your move.

What is the Best Moving Company for Long Distance?

We know that you only want the best moving company for your long-distance traveling which is why we offer you our services. Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving is located in New York City and is known for providing the best moving services.

We’ve got up-front pricing to ensure that you’re well-prepared for the estimates, the best customer service to help you with your questions and inquiries, the best customization of services to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied, and affordable prices to ensure that you won’t break the bank when moving.

Our successful track record shows that we provide the best services in town. A lot of our clients have been recommended by our previous customers because we are considered as a reliable and friendly company. You can see all the positive reviews from our clients who are satisfied with our work.

Lastly, you’ll see that our rates are all transparent which means you won’t find any hidden fees and charges. Our company and movers are all licensed and are covered with insurance so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary additional costs.

What Does Full Service Moving do?

Andrew Local & Long Distance Moving offers full-service moving at an affordable and competitive price. You don’t have to stress yourself with the physical tasks of preparing and moving your belongings because we have expert packers that will do it all for you. What are the inclusions of a full-service moving?

We supply all the materials that you need to pack all your belongings. You don’t have to constantly go back and forth from stores to purchase boxes and tapes because we have the complete supply. Next, we pack all your belongings safely and quickly. It may take you hours or days to pack all your items, but with our expert movers, they can do it in a fraction of the time you’ll spend doing it.

This service also includes furniture disassembly and reassembly, truck loading and unloading, safely transporting your belongings, unpacking the items once we arrive at the new location, and disposing of the packing materials that were used.

Once you hire us to do the full-service moving for you, be rest assured that you also get a professional personal move coordinator, full value protection of your belongings and furniture, and qualified moving equipment, and drivers.

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Through our special Pad and Shrink Wrap process you can rest assure all of your belongings will be delivered in perfect condition.

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We will be happy to pack your stuff for you. Just let us know in advance so we can make sure the process is quick and efficient.

Make your moving experience a stress free and efficient one by calling us – the #1 moving experts.

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